Technological Idiot

My mentor Nina Levine tells me I have to connect to Twitter and have it go thru Facebook…
I am a techo-idiot…
I have a hard enough time figuring out acronyms – and yes sometimes I give up and just google them! Hell, just setting up this Blog, which I forget to even post in, was hard enough…

Something that I think will only take me 10 to 15 minutes takes well over an hour and I don’t want to bother anyone so I try and persevere. See the problem with asking them for help is I just don’t even know the basics…so when they go “Ohhh, you haven’t actually done XYZ and that’s why it’s not working…”  It could be something as simple as just not logging into the account…

Oh, don’t laugh – I’ve done that.

So, I just deleted over 1000 e-mails in my G-Mail account…Hope nothing in there was important….

Ok – I’m going back to the writers cave, at least there I am a writing God…


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