Savage Angels HIT Top 20 on iBooks Australia

This past week has been a little exciting with ALL THREE of my Savage Angels MC books sitting in the iBooks Australia Top 20 list for at least a few days! We saw Savage Stalker at #2, Savage Fire #5 and Savage Town #17.  THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased, read and reviewed my books so far.


With Savage Stalker now permanently FREE we saw a huge spike in sales and made it in the Top 100 Free Books on, from memory it went down to #85 and only yesterday it was at #13 in Romance > Mystery & Suspense > Suspense.

We’ve also seen over 50 great reviews for Savage Town since it’s release which I’m very thankful for. This was my favorite book to write so far and it appears to be everyone’s favorite also, with one reviewer saying, “Kathleen Kelly is really finding her stride with this series. I think this one is my favourite so far.” 

If you’ve read ANY of my books and not yet left a review, please do so. I only ask for honest reviews, and appreciate all feedback received from my readers.

To all my readers and fans, THANK YOU! Please connect with me on any social media platform you frequent or send me an email at, anytime. I love hearing from you!

Until next time Xx


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